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The Lighter Side Of... album VINYL

Image of The Lighter Side Of... album VINYL

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'The Lighter Side Of...' - Album - 2010
01: Wouldn't Be Surprised
02: The Meaning Of The Word
03: Nobody Steals Yr Show
04: Pauly
05: Don't
06: I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend
07: Love Or Cancer
08: When It All Falls Apart (And It Will)
09: Older Man
10: All My Worst Nightmares
11: You're A Parasitic Germ
12: Terrible Disease

Producer: Nick Huggins
Co-Producer: Laura Imbruglia
Recorded at Pocket Full Of Stones, Richmond VIC
Out April 2, 2010 on CD and VINYL through Ready Freddie Records/MGM

Contributing Artists: Ray Ahn, Nick French, Lluis Fuzzhound, Lutz Reimer, Rosa Agostino, Angus Wood, Lobsterman, Steven Rhodes, Grant Hunter, Celeste Potter, Diana Szabo, Rebecca Hartstein, Sarah Kelly.